Democracy & Good Governance

This programme is aimed at promoting Democracy and Good Governance in Ghana by facilitating the full participation of local level grassroots organization and people in decision making process, including; problem identification, planning, management, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation, aimed at achieving sustainable development. Our Democracy and Good Governance programmes include the following:   Social Accountability Participatory […]


Our WASH programme focuses on the provision of portable water and sanitation facilities for vulnerable schools and communities in Ghana. It is also aimed at reducing the prevalence of WASH – related diseases through the promotion of best personal hygiene and environmental practices. Overall, the programme is aimed at improving the quality of life and […]


Our health programmes contribute meaningfully to health promotion and healthcare delivery in local communities in Ghana. They are also aimed at reducing infant mortality and improving maternal health in our communities of operation in Ghana. Since the inception of our health programmes, we have contributed to the improvement of the health of our beneficiary community […]


Education is a key focus area of our programme. At NVFI, our educational programmes are specially designed to ensure the realization of our objective of promoting inclusive quality education in vulnerable communities in Ghana.   Our formal education programme also ensures that children in marginalized and deprived communities have access to quality education through the […]