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Internship & Voluntary Service

Our Programmes

This programme is aimed at promoting volunteerism and internship through cultural exchange where foreign nationals (International Volunteers/interns) can take part in NVFI’s Volunteer and Internship projects and programmes to contribute towards the enhancement of development in Ghanaian communities as well as create an opportunity for learning, sharing and developing the capacities of volunteers and interns.


Our volunteer programme is open to anyone who is interested in our programmes, ready and willing to contribute towards the realization of the aims and objectives of NVFI.


The Internship programme is also designed for students of higher learning institutions such as the Universities and Training Colleges in Ghana, Africa or Abroad.


This programme provides an excellent opportunity for students of High Schools, Colleges, Universities, other educational institutions and individuals to gain new skills, and enhance their self-confidence.


The Volunteer and Internship Projects designed by NVFI include:


  • Teaching Assistant Volunteers and Interns Project


Volunteers and Interns under the programme will be assigned to a local school to use their expertise and knowledge to aid teaching and learning of children/students in the school. Volunteers and Interns will also be given the discretion to choose the level of students and subjects areas they would like to teach depending on their educational background or interest. Subjects to be taught will include English, Mathematics, Computer Studies, Integrated Science, French and Social Studies.



  • Public Health Volunteer/Intern Project


This programme provides volunteers and interns, the opportunity to learn about the healthcare delivery system of Ghana and contribute to health promotion and the well-being of the people living in deprived and marginalized communities in Ghana. Volunteers under the public health project will be involved in several health promotion programmes including giving educational talks in local schools in health topics such as HIV/AIDS, Malaria, Tuberculosis (TB), Sexual Reproductive Health rights. They will also perform research projects on various public health topics. Other activities of a volunteer under this project will include community home visits where the volunteer visits homes within a particular or selected community to mainly check the health status of adolescent, children, aged and pregnant women.


  • Medical Assistance Volunteer/Internship Project


Our Medical Assistance Volunteer/Internship project provides students or professionals in the healthcare delivery or public health the opportunity to contribute their skills to the health care delivery system of Ghana and learn more about the systems. We provide health volunteering and internship opportunities in partnership the Ghana Health Service and health institutions in Ghana.


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