New Vision Foundation International

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Organizational Values (Our Core Values)

The following eight core values guide our actions and management:


  1. Transparency and Accountability: NVFI takes personal responsibility for using its resources judiciously and efficiently to achieve measurable results and remain accountable to its donors, partners and sponsors.


  1. Gender Equity and Empowerment: NVFI includes all its stakeholders in the planning and execution of programmes and initiatives and ensures equitable representation and participation of women and men in the planning and execution of all programmes.


  1. Social Inclusion: NVFI frowns on all forms of marginalization and discrimination, inclusive of all backgrounds – gender entity, religion, race, creed, colour, disability, sexual orientation, socio-economic states etc.


  1. Non-Partisan: NVFI is strictly non-partisan.


  1. Integrity: NVFI aspires to live to the highest standards of personal honesty in our dealings with our partners, donors and sponsors. We simply do not compromise on our reputation.


  1. Effective and Strategic Partnership and Collaboration: NVFI is open to any effective and strategic partnership and collaborations which are sustainable and in line with our goal, mission and objectives.


  1. Creativity: NVFI is open to new ideas, embraces change and takes disciplined risks to develop sustainable solution to achieve our objectives.


  1. Community Participation and Sustainability: NVFI ensures the participation of members of beneficiary communities from the organizational stage programmes and projects to the implementation stage. Our end-results are impact-driven for current and future generations.

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